The APD Incorporators is a group of local residents who serve as ambassadors between the hospital and the community we serve.  Trustees and committee members of the various APD boards will be nominated from the Incorporators list.

Responsibilities include:
• To elect the Trustees of the APD Health Systems Board;
• To vote on recommended changes to the Bylaws of the corporation;
• To attend the Annual Meeting of the Incorporators (held on the second Wednesday in December each year). 
• Understand the organization’s mission, vision, historical development and plans for the future;
• Understand basic functions of subsidiary corporation and Hospital departments, their services and activities;
• May be asked to serve on committees and/or subcommittees of the Board, such as Finance, Investment, Nominating and Governance
• Become an advocate of and expand community interest in APD; and
• Contribute through committee participation, volunteer service and/or annual financial support.