Community Health

At APD, we believe caring for our community is a special responsibility that we are honored to fulfill. In addition to initiatives to deliver affordable care to our uninsured and underinsured patients through our Financial Assistance programs, our department reaches out to area residents of all ages through a wide variety of programs and services.

Our Goal

Our goal is to improve the health of residents living in the APD service area. To achieve this, we work in partnership with local and state agencies (including but not limited to school districts, the Mascoma Valley Health Initiative, NH Children's Medicaid, NH Oral Health Coalition, the Public Health Council of the Upper Valley, Vermont Dept of Health)  to increase access to medical and oral health services, particularly for the underserved.

Free Community Programs

We offer free programs and services in response to demonstrated community need. These include but are not limited to:

  • Increasing access to medical and dental care for the underinsured and uninsured
  • Assisting families/individuals with enrollment in NH Children's Medicaid,  Dr. Dynasaur, the NH Health Protection Program and other state/federal health programs
  • Providing cash support to the Good Neighbor Health Clinic and the Grafton County Senior Citizens Transportation initiative
  • Offering flu vaccinations to community residents
  • Serving as a liaison with the Lebanon School District Health Services staff and coordinating the annual Upper Valley School Nurse Workshop
  • Providing vouchers to uninsured residents for emergency prescription assistance, and assisting low-income patients in accessing free medications through prescription assistance programs
  • Offering subsidized health education programs and meeting space for non profit groups
  • Providing health professions education to medical, nursing and allied health students.

“Upper Valley Smiles,” A Free Dental Health Program for School Kids

APD offers a unique program in the region called “Upper Valley Smiles.” This school-based oral health program is for children enrolled in the Lebanon, Enfield, Canaan, Cornish, Hartford, and Hartland elementary schools and the Richards School in Newport. The APD dental team visits each school annually, providing classroom education, dental screenings, fluoride varnish and sealant applications, all at little-to-no cost to parents. 

With grant support from Granite United Way, interim therapeutic restorations, commonly known as temporary fillings, are also offered by the UV Smiles Certified Public Health Dental Hygienist in our NH schools. In the 2015/16 school year, follow-up restorative care was delivered onsite at our participating NH schools by Dr. Earle Simpson. Dr. Simpson visited each school following the Upper Valley Smile’s team visits. He traveled from Concord, NH in the state-of-the-art Ronald McDonald Care Mobile and generously performed his services at no cost to the families.

Oral Health America

Upper Valley Smiles receives generous support of donated product from the Oral Health America’s Smiles Across America initiative and volunteer support from our two supervising dentists, Dr. Robert Keene and Dr. Arnie Burdick.

The Northeast Delta Dental Foundation provides grant funding for the program, most recently awarding Upper Valley Smiles $4,472 in 2015 to expand the program to the Ottaquechee School in Vermont.  In 2015, the Healthy New Hampshire Foundation awarded Upper Valley Smiles a $19,000 grant to sustain the program at the Richards School for two years. Read more about Upper Valley Smiles in the press.

In addition to the school dental program, APD’s dental hygienist also provides an oral health program to young children and their parents participating in WIC clinics held in Lebanon, Enfield and Hartford. This is made possible by generous financial support from the Office of Community Health Improvement at D-H. The WIC oral health program includes parent education, dental screenings and preventive services such as sealants for children and referrals to dentists for restorative treatment.

Community Benefits Reports

Each year, APD is required to submit a report to the State of New Hampshire to give an account of its community health mission and financial activity.