MSC News

February 12, 2017 - Construction Update

Despite the snow and cold, we are pleased to report that steady progress continues with the construction of the MSC.
A couple of things to notice:

  • Framing of the first floor continues.
  • Once framing is completed, we will be installing a fiberglass layer along with the exterior walls.
  • The layout for mechanical, plumbing and electrical infrastructure is complete on the second floor.
  • Underground plumbing and electrical will be completed by the end of this week.

Next week will see the following activity:

  • Setting of curbs for the building’s roof top units and energy recovery ventilators.
  • Roofing will begin once the weather cooperates.
  • We will complete the exterior and interior wall framing of the second floor once the concrete slabs are in place.
  • We aim to pour concrete on the second floor as soon as we experience temperatures above freezing.


January 27, 2017 - Our Progress

The last delivery of structural steel actually occurs tomorrow. Visitors will notice that the exterior framing started yesterday and should advance quickly. Layout and installation of mechanical, electrical, and plumbing penetrations on the second floor will finish this week. We are on track to pour the second floor of concrete decking on February 13th. It's very exciting to watch this progress.

Alice Peck Day Memorial Hospital MSC

January 13, 2017
Construction Update from Jon Stark, Associate Vice President of Plant Operations

The MSC project has started off 2017 right on schedule. A lot has been accomplished since my last update.

All the concrete footings are complete and the site drainage system is finished. The work on installing chilled water lines and electrical conduit will conclude this week for the remainder of winter. This work will resume in the spring or when the weather permits.

Visitors will start to see a Redi-Rock® retaining wall take shape at the east side of the building. Structural steel work is still underway and continues to progress nicely. Deliveries of steel are scheduled on an ongoing basis until that phase of the project work is complete.

Later this month, exterior framing on that steel will begin so that the first floor can be heated in preparation for pouring the concrete slabs. We anticipate the slab work will start in mid-February.

February 1st marks the 85th birthday of Alice Peck Day, and given this project - it’s an especially poignant time to reflect on our past, our present, and our future.

Alice Peck Day Multi-Specialty ClinicAlice Peck Day Multi-Specialty Clinic

January 4, 2017 - Steel Raised

If you've been to campus recently, you have seen the steel being erected for the MSC.
It's fantastic to see the tangible efforts appear above grade. 










December 28, 2016 - Progress

Just because it's the holiday season, doesn't mean construction progress stops. We're pleased to the continued efforts of our construction partners take shape. Please remember to proceed with caution when you visit our campus.

















December 18, 2016 - Parking and Road Closures

Due to continued construction of the Multi-Specialty Clinic (MSC) please be aware that we will need to close both parking and traffic on Tuesday, December 20th near the Orthopaedic Medical Office Building. We will eliminate the row of parking near Dr. Riley’s entrance that day and prohibit any traffic along that roadway (parking will remain available for Dr. Riley’s patients near her entrance). Normal parking and traffic will resume on Wednesday, December 21st. We apologize for any inconvenience. 

Alice Peck Day Memorial Hospital Multi-Specialty Clinic

December 16, 2016
Construction Update from Jon Stark, Associate Vice President of Plant Operations

Despite the seasonal weather conditions, meaningful progress continues to be made on the MSC building. Concrete footings, walls and piers are on track to be completed before the Christmas holiday. The New Year will bring our first delivery of structural steel on January 4th, 2017. This will be followed by steel erection and under slab plumbing/electrical work, with the goal of placing slab on grade in early February.

The project continues to progress and we're grateful to the crew at Dew Construction Corp and the architects at E4H (Environments for Health) for their hard work and dedication to this project.   

Alice Peck Day Memorial Hospital Multi-Specialty Clinic

December 8, 2016 - Parking

We welcome all patients and visitors to campus during this time of construction and ask that everyone pay attention to changing traffic patterns and moving construction equipment. We advise everyone to please be a bit more cautious when walking and driving on campus. We will continue to keep plenty of parking spaces available for our visitors, per the map below. Thanks for your patience during this exciting time!
















December 5, 2016 - Rock Garden?

We've encountered some ledge during construction! They will be shipped off-site soon except for a few choice rocks that will be used as bollards.


















November 11, 2016 - Traffic Update

During the week of Thanksgiving, we will establish a waterline from the hospital to the Multi-Specialty Clinic site. This work requires digging through Alice Peck Day Drive between the Hospital towards the location of the Multi-Specialty Clinic. During this time, traffic on Alice Peck Day Drive will be limited to one-lane.  Please expect delays and stay alert to changing traffic patterns. Thank you!


November 4, 2016 - Heavy Equipment

We spotted this equipment all lined up and ready for a well-deserved weekend.


November 1, 2016 - Traffic Patterns

Please pay attention to changing parking and traffic patterns on campus during your visit. Construction is underway and we are excited to see the progress!



October 31, 2016 - Construction

Construction will begin soon on the two-story, 44,000 square-foot building known as the APD Multi-Specialty Clinic (MSC). The MSC will house most of the outpatient departments at APD, including Primary & Family Care, General Surgery, Geriatrics, Orthopaedics, Pain Management, Pediatrics, Podiatry, Occupational Health, Urology, and Women’s Care. Additionally, the MSC will include outpatient phlebotomy, radiology, and rehabilitative services. All of the services in the MSC will be supported with care coordination and case management, continuous quality improvement, and information management. The MSC is expected to be staffed by more than 50 providers as well as 100-200 medical support personnel.