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Employment at APD

“I was impressed with APD’s commitment to the community and with the high regard the community holds for APD. Also the medical staff clearly have a wonderful working relationship with administration. I have a sense that team work is valued here and am excited to be a part of the mission.” 

Why Choose to Work at APD?

Here are some reasons our employees decide to work at APD and why they choose to stay.

  • Friendly atmosphere
  • Openness to new ideas
  • Great benefits
  • Respect for work/life balance
  • Financial support for continuing education
  • A climate of appreciation
  • Excellent administration and staff relations
  • Competitive salary
  • Strong community links
  • Healthy lifestyle, winter sports

Our Unique Community

Our patients tell us that they feel like part of the family when they come here for care. It’s no accident, because at APD each one of us feels like a member of one big family. Being a small, community hospital allows us to have a better patient-to-nurse ratio, which improves the quality of care we offer and provides an excellent working environment for our employees. Our staff turnover is very low, and we have many employees who have worked their entire lives at APD. Loyalty and dedication are part of who we are. These are some of the reasons why our employees stay.

Excellence and New Ideas

At APD, we strive for excellence in all we do, focusing on quality of care, continuous improvement, and best practices. We have invited change in all areas of our health system, which has increased our ability to service our patients while maintaining a quality of work life that can’t be beat. We recognize that in order to do this, we need good people who have worked outside our system to share with us new processes and new ways of doing things. We love to see with new eyes and to bring new experience to our departments.