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Employee Viewpoints

Our employees choose APD and want to stay part of the APD family because they feel valued and appreciated. As a community, we host annual events to celebrate the loyalty and dedication of our staff.

What Our Employees Say

“I chose Alice Peck Day because it’s a great opportunity to grow as a young adult. Alice Peck Day is a very important system in our community and I wanted to become part of it. ‘APD babies’ are everywhere.”  Sonja Blair, Women’s Care Center

“The management is great! They make it easy for us to get time off when we need it and they appreciate our work. I also enjoy working with patients and encouraging them. I enjoy making them happy.” Fiorella Buck, Nutrition Services

“Although APD has grown and expanded on the outside, it is the people inside that are still like my family. Many people have enriched my life in very significant ways. It has been an honor to work with all of you. Your dedication and professionalism will continue to inspire me.” (from “25 Years of Memories”) Elaine Lundberg, Laboratory

“Here I am today, five years later and I am the Director of Food Services for the APD hospital and Harvest Hill. I work with some real great people who work really hard and care about what they do.” Sam Fazio, Food Services

“I was looking for part-time flexible work so I could spend time with my two small children. I thought a hospital setting would work to fill that goal. I was familiar with APD and liked the intimate, friendly setting. So when I saw an opening on the website I applied. Now that I am here I am pleased to hear how many of my co-workers have been here for 20 plus years. That is a good sign! I am excited to be part of the patient accounts team.” Christine Pedi, Patient Accounts

“It seems just like yesterday our family moved back to this area from Florida. I chose to work at APD because of its outstanding reputation. Twenty years later I am still very proud to be part of the APD family. The commitment of the staff to excellence and high quality patient care that I have experienced during this time is incredible!” Linda Oronte, Birthing Center