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Frequently Asked Questions

About Your Bill

Why have I received separate bills for the same visit?
Some physician services, such as those provided by a pathologist, radiologist, anesthesiologist, and surgeon, are billed separately. These services have both hospital charges and professional charges. Please make sure your check is made out to the appropriate provider.

Why is there an unfamiliar doctor's name on my bill?
There may be one of several reasons. You may not have met the physician who read your X-ray or pathology report, but their services are essential to your care. The supervising staff doctor's name is also listed on many bills, even if you've seen a different provider.

How can I request an itemized statement?
Call us at the numbers listed on the Your Bill page or write to Patient Accounting, Alice Peck Day Memorial Hospital, 10 Alice Peck Day Drive, Lebanon NH 03766 to request an itemized statement. 

I'm not sure I can pay my bill. What should I do?
Call our call our patient access department at 448-3121 or visit our Financial Assistance page.

About Health Insurance

When should I pay my co-payment?
APD requires co-payments at the time of service.

What is an Explanation of Benefits (EOB) or Explanation of Payment (EOP)?
An “Explanation of Benefits” or “Explanation of Payment” form is sent by your insurance company to explain what parts of your bill they have paid for. These are not bills; APD will bill you directly for any remaining balance.

I have insurance. Why am I still being billed?
If your insurance company does not process your claim by the due date, you may receive a bill from us. Contact your insurance company to find out the reason for the delay.

Your insurance company also may not have paid the whole claim; you may have a deductible amount or co-insurance costs. If you have remaining questions about why your insurance company did not pay for part of a claim, contact your insurance company directly.

How can I contact my insurance company directly?
If you have received an EOB (explanation of benefits) or EOP (explanation of payment) form, there should be a telephone number for questions or call the customer service telephone number listed on the back of your insurance card

Am I responsible for getting pre-certification or pre-approval for certain services?
Specific requirements and responsibility for pre-certification or notification vary, depending on what is required by your insurance company. Contact your insurance company directly if you have questions; they may not pay your claim without a pre-certification or notification.

I don't have health insurance. Are there any programs available to help me?
There are several programs that can help the uninsured pay their health care bills. To learn more, call our Patient Access, or visit our Financial Assistance page.