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Alice Peck Day Memorial Hospital Consolidates Skilled Nursing Services

On August 8, 2010, Alice Peck Day Memorial Hospital (APD) will expand its capacity by five (5) beds in order to consolidate the care currently given in the Rehabilitation and Enhanced Care Center (RECC) under the hospital’s license. “We will be providing the same levels of care for the same number of patients, but in the hospital setting,” said Harry Dorman, Hospital President and CEO. Restructuring APD’s delivery of care allows it to better meet the needs of patients, position the organization for regulatory and healthcare reform, and more efficiently use its available resources.

The consolidation will enable APD to fully utilize its 25 licensed hospital beds. Projections for future needs of services for those the hospital serves in the Upper Valley indicate that the new configuration will be more than adequate. It also allows the hospital to convert most of its medical-surgical beds to single-occupancy rooms, enhancing the quality of care with a lowered risk of infection and increased privacy. Rehabilitation care will continue to be given in the Medical-Surgical unit.

Alice Peck Day will see other improvements from this transition. The move will help to prepare the hospital for anticipated health care reform by creating operational efficiencies. Dorman said, “We believe that consolidating acute and sub-acute patient services under one license is a responsible approach to addressing the stresses affecting hospitals today.”

Most of the RECC staff will be offered positions in the expanded Medical-Surgical Unit; however, APD will reduce its 500-member staff by eight positions as a result of the reorganization. “We regret this loss,” Dorman said, “but we will be assisting these employees with severance packages and are committed to helping them obtain other positions.”

In voting unanimously for the reconfiguration, the Board of Trustees expressed its confidence that this consolidation of services will enable APD to become a stronger community hospital while continuing to provide the personal and excellent clinical care for which it is known.