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APD Signs Healthy Food Pledge

August 4, 2011—Alice Peck Day Health Systems in Lebanon, NH, joins a national initiative of over 250 health care facilities who have signed the Healthy Food in Healthcare Pledge.

The Healthy Food in Health Care Pledge, a voluntary program of the Health Care Without Harm organization, outlines a commitment of hospitals to increase patient and employee access to food that is not only nutritious, but supportive of local farms and produced in a way that is healthier for growers, workers and the environment.

“We have already taken some steps toward changing our food purchasing decisions,” says Sam Fazio, Food Service Director, “Signing the Pledge was the natural next step toward guiding our efforts to serve food that is healthier for community and the environment.”

“This initiative encourages us to build relationships with local growers, question our vendors about their suppliers and educates our patients and community about our sustainable food practices,” states Fazio.

To learn more about the Healthy Food in Health Care pledge, visit Health Care Without Harm’s website at

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