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APD Sleep Health Center’s specialists earn Clinical Sleep Educator Certification

July 5, 2012—Lisa Stebbins, CRT, RPSGT, RST, Director Cardiopulmonary and Sleep Services and Lori Moore, LPN, RPSGT, RST, Senior Sleep Technologist of the Sleep Health Center at Alice Peck Day Memorial Hospital, have achieved Clinical Sleep Educator certification from the Board of Registered Polysomnographic Technologists.

To attain certification, Stebbins and Moore attended the Clinical Sleep Educator Certificate Program in Nashville, Tennessee and completed a formal examination.

"Good sleep is critical to overall health.  By promoting continuing education and certification, we try to ensure that our staff has cutting edge knowledge essential for excellent patient care,” said Adam Sorscher, MD, Medical Director of Sleep Health Center.

As Clinical Sleep Educators Stebbins and Moore help educate and coach patients and their families on the management of sleep disorders and ways to optimize treatments.