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APD’s Community Health Department Receives Oral Health Grant

December 14, 2012—Alice Peck Day’s Community Health department recently received a grant for oral health care from Northeast Delta Dental Foundation of Concord, NH. 

The $3,300 grant will help support Alice Peck Day Memorial Hospital’s oral health education program and dental clinic at the Richards School in Newport, NH. The funds will be used to provide fluoride varnish and sealant treatments for high-risk children in grades K-4 who are signed up for APD’s Upper Valley Smiles dental program offered this month at Richards School.
“We are delighted to have Northeast Delta Dental’s support,” stated Nancy DuMont, Director, Department of Community Health. “For many children this is their only means of accessing the preventive dental care that is essential to their overall health and to their success in school."

Northeast Delta Dental Foundation's Secretary and Assistant Treasurer, Betty Andrews, said, “We appreciate ADP's commitment to making oral health education and preventive dental services available through its Upper Valley Smiles dental program, and we were very happy to ensure that the Richards School in Newport would continue to have these services accessible to them through our grant.”  For 17 years, the Foundation has funded oral health programs in Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont.  Northeast Delta Dental offers dental insurance programs for organizations of all sizes and for individuals and families that have no access to employer sponsored dental benefits.