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APD’s “Green Team” Featured on CATV

January 25 -

Alice Peck Day Health Systems in Lebanon, New Hampshire will be featured on local cable access channel CATV's “Green Series” for its initiatives toward a more environmentally friendly campus.

Representatives throughout Alice Peck Day Memorial Hospital and Harvest Hill demonstrated energy and resource-saving initiatives, including:

  • Using compact florescent bulbs on the Hospital campus
  • Switching to corn-based, compostable material in Dining Services
  • Initiatives in materials and ordering management to reduce waste
  • Increased opportunities and support for recycling throughout the campus

“We’re very proud that these programs and our on-campus ‘Green Team’ have saved APD money, helped to reduce healthcare spending, and made a positive contribution to our environment,” says Alex Jaccaci, Director of Organizational Improvement and Planning at APD and the administrative sponsor of the “Green Team.” “We’re delighted to have CATV spotlight the hard work and commitment of our staff and employees.” The program began running on Tuesday, January 26 with repeat showings through early February. Visit CATV's website for exact dates and times.

You can also watch the show directly by clicking on the file above.