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Engaging Hospital Leaders to Advance Sustainability

August 5, 2011—Alice Peck Day Memorial Hospital, in cooperation with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) New England, hosted a sustainability webinar featuring APD’s Alex Jaccaci, MA, CHEP, Associate Vice President of Organizational Improvement and Planning.

The webinar held on August 4, Engaging Hospital Leaders to Advance Sustainability: Connecting the Dots on Climate Change, was attended by representatives from hospitals and industries throughout New England to learn more about the implications of climate change and their sustainability responsibilities.

“APD hopes to be a leader in sustainability in the healthcare industry,” states Jaccaci. “Hospitals have a big environmental footprint due to their 24/7 operating cycle. We have developed an organizational sustainability position statement and it becoming a shared priority and responsibility throughout our institution.”

“Investing in sustainability is a win-win,” adds Jaccaci. “By making and monitoring significant changes and responsible choices we not only reduce costs, but also we have a positive impact on our patients, employees and community.”

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