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Heather Bonneau Is APD’s Nurse of the Year

Heather BonnaueThe honor is determined by the Nurses' Week Committee, and the award was presented by APD's Vice President of Patient Care Services and Chief Nursing Officer, Beverley Rankin, R.N., B.S.N., M.S.A., B.C.-N.E..

In her presentation, Rankin said, "Heather goes above and beyond, every day, to make her patients' experiences special. She just received certification as a lactation counselor—which isn't an easy accomplishment—and she returned from her education excited and eager to share the information she learned. We are truly fortunate to have Heather here at APD."

Bonneau's interest in nursing began when she was just eight years old. "My brother was born two months premature, and the nurses in the NICU at Dartmouth-Hitchcock let our family be involved in his care all that we could. To me, they were angels. I've been a nurse for 20 years now, and I came to APD three years ago in search of the Birthing Center, as working there was always my dream. It's my 'happy place,' where I do all I can for each of my patients. If they need more time, teaching, or just to be heard, I am there to offer that."

Rapid changes in health care have made it harder to provide the level of care Bonneau firmly believes in. "To receive this award at this tough time feels even more rewarding, and I couldn't do what I do without my entire family. My mother encouraged me when I was young and gently nudged me to follow through, and I have the support of  Brad, my husband of 14 years, son Tyler, 11, daughter Jenna, 9, and Dylan, who's 2."

Bonneau received her L.P.N. degree and an Associate's in Nursing from New Hampshire Technical College in Claremont (now River Valley College).  Prior to joining Alice Peck Day, she worked at Mount Ascutney Hospital. Her varied experience includes positions in Acute Care, Hospice Care, Same Day Surgery, PACU, the Pain Clinic, and the Operating Room.