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Therapy Dog Program at Alice Peck Day Memorial Hospital

Nikko_and_Mary-Therapy_Dog_Program.jpgIf you have been a patient recently to APD, you may have received a visit from a beautiful, blue-eyed Siberian husky, Nikko, and his handler, Mary.  They have joined us in our new Therapy Dog Program.

Therapy dogs provide unconditional love and acceptance and have been known to improve an individual’s overall sense of well-being, diminishing stress and anxiety caused by illness.  A friendly visitor with a wagging tail can make all the difference in their happiness and well-being.

Mary found Nikko at the local Upper Valley Humane Society 3 years ago and soon realized this particular dog liked to “work”.  After some training and also being certified through Therapy Dog International, she began to bring him to her school, where she is a technology teacher and everyone loved him.  Mary says that an hour of visits is equivalent to a 5 mile run, in Nikko’s eyes.  Nikko seems to love his job and proudly wears his “uniform”, a blue scarf and an APD photo ID.  Our patients and staff look forward to their weekly visits.

We thank Nikko and Mary for volunteering their time with us here at APD.


Peggy Cooper
Volunteer Services Coordinator
Alice Peck Day Memorial Hospital
10 Alice Peck Day Drive Lebanon, NH  03766
(603) 448-7456