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Woman’s Care Center Offering On-Site Ultrasounds

February 11, 2011 -  In an effort to meet the growing needs of their patients, The Women's Care Center, a department of Alice Peck Day Memorial Hospital, now offers on-site ultrasound exams.

Previously, we referred patients requiring an ultrasound exam to the main hospital building," explains Practice Manager, Deborah Dworak. "This was inconvenient for the patient and now we are able to provide more efficient visits with an ultrasound exam and doctor visit in one setting.

"We are very excited about this extension of our services," adds Nicole Alves, Manager Diagnostic Radiology Department, "especially for the routine patients who typically have a follow-up appointment within the Women's Care Center. This has greatly simplified patients' access to medical care, while offering the same image quality." The ultrasound exams are performed by the same technologist as the hospital and as always, images are interpreted by APDís board certified radiologists.

The new one-stop visit will allow the visit to be more patient focused, with less time spent parking and registering at two buildings. There are currently 20 ultrasound appointment openings each week, to include both the Women's Care Center and Midwifery Practice patients.