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Sustainability Position Statement

Alice Peck Day Health Systems will be a responsible steward of the health of our community, organization and planet. We commit to further the mission of APDHS through the following principles of sustainability:

  • Dedicated to the health of our community, and we understand that the health of our natural environment and organization and are critical factors in achieving community health.
  • Advance opportunities to increase efficiency in our energy and resource consumption, and minimize waste of healthcare resources.
  • Use pollution prevention strategies to minimize negative environmental impacts
  • Study and monitor environmental risks and opportunities related to the health of our community.
  • Align our sustainability initiatives with applicable best-practices and industry standards.
  • Promote sustainability awareness and actions through education of our staff.
  • Demonstrate a sustainable approach to operations (positive return on investment) through our sustainability initiatives.
  • Measure, evaluate and communicate the progress towards our goals and objectives.
  • Act as active community participants in the local, state and national dialogue on sustainability.
  • Lead by the example of our actions and commitment to sustainability within our local, regional and healthcare communities.