Birthing Center

The Birthing Center at Alice Peck Day Memorial Hospital offers every woman and her family personalized care to meet individual wishes and medical needs. Our facility was one of the first maternity units in the nation to be recognized by the Baby-Friendly Hospital Initiative (BFHI). APD is currently one of only five Baby-Friendly designated hospitals in New Hampshire. 


24-hours, 7 days a week
We have no official visiting hours; we leave visitation wishes entirely up to the parents.
Suggested quiet hours are from 2PM - 4PM daily.


APD Main Hospital Building
10 Alice Peck Day Drive
Lebanon NH 03766
Internal Map of APD

(603) 448-7411
Birthing Center

(603) 448-3996
Women's Care Center

(603) 448-7411
The Warm Line for Nursing Mothers



  • Highly-skilled obstetricians, midwives, and obstetrical nurses
  • Continuity of care
  • Comfortable, private delivery rooms
  • Anesthesia and surgical services available 24 hours
  • Nitrous oxide for pain relief 
  • Natural births
  • Cesarean births
  • Water births
  • Jacuzzi tub for laboring mothers
  • Award-winning lactation program
  • Breastfeeding support
  • Childbirth education

Continuity of Care

At APD, the doctors or nurse midwives you choose for prenatal care will likely be the same providers who will deliver your baby. Time and again women who have given birth at our facility tell us that aside from the excellent family-focused care, they appreciate not having to guess or worry about who will be delivering their baby.

The Comforts of Home

The Birthing Center's LDRP (labor, delivery, recovery, postpartum) rooms are designed for comfort, privacy, and family togetherness. Each room is equipped with a birthing bed designed to facilitate labor, a private bathroom, a bassinet, a rocking chair, and accommodations for visitors and an overnight guest.

  • Jacuzzi tub available for laboring mothers
  • Complimentary VIP dinner for all mothers
  • Visitors can gather in the Gloria Green Family Room when moms need privacy

Beginning immediately after birth, babies “room in” to bond with their new family.

Cesarean Births

For those who deliver by cesarean birth, the hospital's Surgical Services department is equipped to handle all your medical needs. We use the latest in diagnostics and technology to ensure that your cesarean birth is as comfortable, supportive, and safe as possible.  Moms and babies are kept together through the recovery period.

Note: If you require a copy of a birth certificate, please contact the Lebanon City Clerk's office. They can help you by phone or email.


Additional Information

Breastfeeding Organizations

La Leche League International is the leader in breastfeeding support and information. Local group meetings occur monthly worldwide.
Massachusetts Breastfeeding Coalition  Easy to read frequently asked questions on breastfeeding, and much more.
BreastfeedLA Flyers and info on breastfeeding.
Office on Women’s Health, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Information on all aspects of breastfeeding. Much of the information in “The Breastfeeding Guide” is included in our discharge instructions packet at APD’s Birthing Center.
Breastfeeding Inc. Website of Dr. Jack Newman with up-to-date information and resources on breastfeeding, including video clips.
Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine. Professional site with breastfeeding protocols.
INFACT Canadian organization promoting breastfeeding; Resources / fact sheets.

Advice from Lactation Consultants and other Sources

Kellymom Parenting / Breastfeeding Breastfeeding information covering many topics, including evidence-based articles on breastfeeding, sleep and parenting.
Breastfeeding USA mother to mother support and information, including research.
ISIS — Infant Sleep Information Source. Information on infant sleep based upon latest UK and worldwide research.
Breastfeeding Basics Website by Lactation Consultant with articles on various breastfeeding topics.
Breastfeeding Online Site of Dr. Jack Newman, a breastfeeding advocate. Many articles and issues covering common and special issues in breastfeeding. Online consultation available for a minimal fee.
Baby Center. Some information on breastfeeding, plus a problem solver. information on breastfeeding after breast reduction surgery Information form mothers who experience low milk supply

Work and Breastfeeding

Work and Pump  Practical information on working and breastfeeding, by a working mom.
Pamphlet on pumping and working from a Texas WIC program.
The Business Case for Breastfeeding Information booklet on breastfeeding and employment/working, plus websites for support.
Breastfeeding Basics Articles on many breastfeeding topics, including introducing bottle to BF baby for mom going to work.


“How to Breastfeed – Deep Latch Technique” 7:50 minutes
“Breastfeeding Latch Technique” 13:26 minutes
“How to get a newborn to latch” 1:40 minutes, Nipple flip technique for latching.
“Breastfeeding Attachment” series from Global Media Project.  10:26 minutes on proper latching.
“How to Express Milk” 7:29 minutes, technique on hand expression, from Global Media Project.
“Paced Bottle Feeding” for a breastfed baby who needs a bottle 5:46 minutes