For Referring Physicians

Making Patient-Centered Care a Reality

The APD Orthopaedic department follows the Patient and Family Centered Care Methodology, and that means viewing all care experiences through the eyes of patients and families. Commitment to this approach results in high-performance teams that identify the gaps between the current state of health care delivery and the ideal care experience — and then closes those gaps.

We appreciate the fact that many local and regional Primary Care Physicians refer their patients to us and we take that responsibility to heart. Our surgeons, physician assistants, nurses, and staff know that our patients' primary care providers are a vital part of the health care team. Therefore, we strive to keep referring providers informed of their patient's progress by:

  • Forwarding visit summaries
  • Sharing clinic notes
  • Being available to connect personally

Please call (603) 442-5630 to refer your patient to APD Orthopaedics or (603) 442-5990 for the APD Hand Clinic.


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