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Ways to Volunteer

There are two core volunteer groups that serve Alice Peck Day Memorial Hospital: APD Volunteers and the APD Auxiliary. Both groups make a real difference by sharing their time and talents with our patients and the hospital. There are many ways to help and the returns are great. Volunteers are screened, evaluated, assigned and managed by APD's Volunteer Services Departement. To join us please call or e-mail;

Peggy Cooper, Community Relations / Volunteer Services 


To get started please fill out and mail in our Volunteer Application Form.

Medical Staff Appreciate Your Help

Dr. Doug Cedano, Medical Director of our Emergency Services, is one of many medical staff who regularly remark on the valuable work done by volunteers. Jerry Greenan, an APD volunteer in Emergency Services, has made a significant contribution to the department. “Jerry is worth his weight in gold,” says Dr Cedeno, “He has gone beyond his original volunteer duties and taken on additional tasks, including some statistical work on the computer that has saved the department considerable time.”

We often talk about the number of hours given by volunteers throughout a given year, e.g., in 2010, volunteers contributed nearly 7,000 hours, which translates into an impressive dollar figure of nearly $150,000 (Bureau of Labor Statistics). Of course, it’s really impossible to put a price tag on a friendly smile or a helping hand—these are priceless!