Board of Trustees

Alice Peck Day Memorial Hospital relies on the support and skills of our board of trustees to ensure the smooth running of the hospital. We are grateful to these dedicated individuals who give of their time and talents to serve our community.


Greg W. Lange, Chair

Marisa D. Devlin, Vice Chair

Brett C. Peltzer, Treasurer

Michael F. Long, Secretary


Clayton R. Adams

George T. Blike, MD

Kyle D. Fisher

Patrick F. Jordan III, MBA

Tina E. Naimie

Brenan (Ben) Riehl

Scott W. Rodi, MD

John L. Scherding

Jennifer S. Schiffman, MPH

Charles J. Wheelan

Trustees Ex-officio

Susan E. Mooney, MD, MS, FACOG, President & CEO

John P. Houde, MD, President, Medical Staff

Michael T. Lynch, MD, CMO

Sara L. Kobylenski, Lifecare Board Chair 

Mary M. Oseid, D-HH CEO Designee