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Choose the purpose of your gift

There are a variety of gift opportunities available in support of Alice Peck Day Memorial Hospital. You can also choose the purpose of your gift by selecting one of four designations:

  • The Capital Fund supports the capital needs of the hospital. This could include state-of-the-art equipment, like our 64-channel computed tomography (CT) scanner, or campus improvements, such as our XENEX germ-zapping robot.
  • Whether it is providing clinical certification opportunities or creating a personalized licensed practice nurse (LPN) program, APD invests in its people to keep the best and brightest on campus. By supporting Workforce Education, your gift will give staff access to advanced training and educational opportunities.
  • Gifts designated to Community and Patient Health improve the health and wellbeing of our patients by enhancing the patient experience, personalizing patient care, and allowing us to continue our efforts to meet our community’s healthcare needs. 
  • The Annual Fund supports the areas of greatest need across the hospital campus. This flexible funding, used at the discretion of the hospital president and CEO, supports public health during times of crisis as well as sustains the hospital’s long-term vision of personalized, community care.