A New Health Record is Coming!


APD has been the community hospital of the Upper Valley since 1932, committed to providing high-quality health care in a friendly environment where patients come first. That commitment continues with our investment in health record technology.

We look forward to providing a new electronic health record, eD-H, to our patients on May 11, 2019. eD-H is the same technology used by Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center and various member locations in the Dartmouth-Hitchcock Health (D-HH) system. This new health record will function across all our services at APD and at various D-HH member locations, giving you free and secure online access to your health information.

Implementing new technology takes considerable time and careful attention. Please be advised that during our work to enable this new electronic health record, access to some of our services may be affected. During the month of May, hold times might be greater than normal when calling us. Check-in, registration and check-out might take more time than it has in the past. Appointment availability might be reduced for some of our services. We greatly appreciate your patience while we upgrade our systems to better serve you.

What will the new health record mean to you, our patient?

  • Your health information will be available to you online
  • You will have free and secure health management tools
  • Your information will be available to your health care team where you receive care, whether that’s at APD clinics or at various D-HH locations

Benefits include:

  • Free, convenient, and easy access to your health information online
  • Secure communication with your health care team
  • Improved communication between your health care providers at APD and across the D-HH system
  • Digital appointment reminders and requests
  • Online access to request prescription renewals
  • Ability to view account balances and make online credit card payments
  • Access to lab and test results

Patients will be able to access their unified health record on the new patient portal called myD-H.

myD-H is simply a patient portal for use across all APD services and at other member locations within the D-HH system. It can be found online at

There is also a myD-H mobile app available so you can easily manage your health care from your mobile device. While the app has fewer features than the myD-H web portal, it allows you to:

  • Contact your health care team
  • Request prescription renewals
  • Check lab or other test results
  • Manage your appointments
  • Pay bills online

The mobile app is available Apple® and Android.

We invite you to visit these FAQs for more information. 

Sharing resources such as technology is one of the ways we are working towards lowering the cost of health care and improving your experience as our patient. We remain fully committed to providing high-quality health care in a friendly environment where our patients come first and we look forward to sharing this new health record with you soon.