APD Joins Ledyard Bank, Hypertherm, and King Arthur Flour in Walking Challenge


APD has joined with Ledyard , Hypertherm, and King Arthur Flour as participants in the Ledyard  Live Well Walking Challenge (LLWWC) from September 14 through October 12, 2015.  

The objective of the LLWWC is to foster opportunities to create healthier community and working environments, while providing an opportunity for interested organizations to move toward being a Fit-Friendly Workplace.  Individuals and teams walk or run on their own anywhere with pedometers to log steps. Participants are encouraged to wear their pedometers all day so that they can develop a healthy routine of wearing one and be consciously aware of how many steps per day they take. Ledyard is very excited to launch this pilot program, and hopes that it gains momentum in the coming years.

“We’re excited to join Ledyard, Hypertherm, and King Arthur Flour in demonstrating that walking is good for employees and Upper Valley employers,” stated Peggy Cooper, Coordinator of Community Relations and Volunteers at APD. 

The benefits of walking are numerous.  This friendly competition among community leading organizations enhances awareness of those reasons to walk.  Shana Fowler, APD Employee Health and Safety Specialist, recently detailed those values in an announcement of participation to APD staff, “Walking prevents Type 2 Diabetes, strengthens the heart, is good for the brain and bones, alleviates symptoms of depression, reduces the risk of breast and colon cancer, and improves fitness and physical function.”