APD Recognized for Excellence in Vaccine Management and Influenza Vaccination by the NHIP


The New Hampshire Immunization Program recently recognized Alice Peck Day Memorial Hospital for Excellence in Influenza Vaccination as well as one of its clinical employees, Holly Beam, LPN, from APD’s primary care for Excellence in Vaccine Management.

APD’s primary care was recognized as a champion for implementing an influenza vaccination program in the hospital. In 2017, APD realized a 98.4% influenza vaccination rate amongst its employees while also adhering to masking and CDC prevention guidelines.

The New Hampshire Immunization program also recognized Holly Beam, LPN, for her work in vaccine management addressing temperature excursions for vaccines. Beam created a process that randomly selected staff to walk through the protocol for addressing temperature variations. The initial mock “drill” event was well received and has been incorporated into the primary care’s yearly competencies and new employee trainings.

 “We are very proud of Holly’s work and for being recognized as a primary care clinic dedicated to influenza vaccination,” said Shelley Friedman, RN, BSN, clinical manager of APD primary care and women’s care. “This recognition and proof of exceptional improvement is incredibly meaningful to our patients and to our staff,” she added.

Both Beam and APD were honored at the NHIP Immunization Conference on March 21, 2018 in Manchester, NH.

In January 2016, APD announced that 827 pediatric patients may have received ineffective vaccinations due to temperature excursions. APD offered to revaccinate all of these patients at no cost to the patient or their insurance carriers. As of today, APD has successfully revaccinated or determined re-vaccination wasn’t necessary for 821 of these patients, (six patients never responded to certified mail and phone calls.)  The vast majority have remained patients at APD.