APD’s Volunteer Appreciation “Meet the Artist” Reception featured Photographer Stephen Gorman


A “Meet the Artist” private reception was held in the honor of APD volunteers at the Multi-Specialty Clinic on July 11, 2019.

Guests heard from APD’s Jean Ten Haken, MSN, RN, CENP, Chief Operating Officer, VP of Nursing, and Chief Nursing Officer. Volunteers enjoyed a catered reception before experiencing a private tour of the photography with Steve Gorman.

“We’re here to honor and thank each one of you,” Ten Haken said to the volunteers. “APD is our community hospital, and your dedication to our patients, our staff, and our community is greatly appreciated,” she added.

“That was a lovely evening,” said front desk volunteer Susan Johnson. “It was really special to be in the new clinic after hours, enjoy refreshments together, hear from Jean Ten Haken, then personally experience Steve’s work with him,” she added.

“Steve’s art is such a beautiful addition to our clinic,” said Maryann Caron, MPH, Associate Vice President of Clinic Operations at the Multi-Specialty Clinic. “Patients and providers have commented on how they really enhance our space. I’m so pleased that our volunteers were able to hear about each photograph directly from Steve,” she added.

Over 40 framed and signed photographs from Benjamin Franklin Award winner Stephen Gorman now grace the hallways and lobby on Level 2 of the clinic. Gorman has photographed and authored five large-format books and dozens of articles for national magazines. His Arctic photographs toured the US Embassy and Consulates in honor of Canada’s 150th anniversary, his work is in demand by a wide variety of clients, and his photographs are in numerous private collections.