Keep Creativity Alive at Home


At APD, we’ve always cared about your health. But how should you stay healthy when everything is suddenly so different?

Welcome to Community Care News, a free resource from APD designed to help you know how to stay healthy as a very different future unfolds for all of us. Here we will share tips about food, exercise, sleep, and other issues important to improve your health in simple but important ways every day.

Community Care News Edition #6: Keeping Creativity Alive at Home

One aspect of care that often gets overlooked, especially in times of crisis, is creativity. It might feel like your artistic side is less important than eating well and exercising, but creative activities have a positive effect on both mind and body.

Here are some of the creative things you can do to “exercise” your creative muscles.

Join an Art History Challenge

The Hood Art Museum in Hanover, NH, has issued a challenge: pick a piece of art from their collection and recreate it at home.


A recreation of Alma Thomas’s “Wind Dancing with Spring Flowers” by Jack (age 7), Denney (age 5), and Jeff Hafner ’02 from Wilder, VT, aptly named “Wind Dancing with Spring Legos.”

A global art project known as the Getty Museum Challenge invites folks to recreate famous artwork using items from around the house. Toilet paper, dust pans, sheets, pasta, and pets have all been used to recreate iconic images from Matisse, van Gogh, and Vermeer.

Get Dressed Up

Time to take out the trash? Why not dress up? The trend of donning costumes and ball gowns to do household tasks started in Australia in a Facebook group called Bin Isolation Outing and has spread around the world.

Some people are using their costumes to spread joy to their communities. In Iowa City, members of the Old Capitol City Roller Derby team put on costumes (including inflatable T-Rex, unicorn, and shark suits) and skated around the neighborhood waving to those inside their homes.

Virtual Poetry and Storytelling

Groups in the Upper Valley have organized virtual opportunities to support the creative community.

As part of its Mudroom series, AVA Gallery and Art Center in Lebanon, NH, hosted a virtual storytelling event on April 16 where eight Upper Valley residents shared true stories tied to the theme: The Worst Advice.

Looking for poetry inspiration? Read through haiku + quarantine = haikuarantine.

Puzzle and Play and Dance at Home

Jigsaw puzzles have become incredibly popular and businesses are having some trouble keeping them in stock. At Ravensburger, the global market leader of puzzle companies, sales are up 370%, and the company can’t easily increase production—each new puzzle takes weeks to create. Learn more about the puzzle making process. (One of the three U.S. Ravensburger warehouses is located in New Hampshire.)

Northern Stage is offering an online series of classes called Play Date where participants read a new play every week and have online discussions and performances.

The Hopkins Center for the Arts has been hosting online events, film recommendations, live chats, and digital dance parties for kids and grown-ups through its Hop@Home program. If you need inspiration to participate in the Hopkins Center’s Sourdough Dance-Off, the Boston Ballet principals Lia Cirio and Paul Craig decided to quarantine together and produced a short film, called Reverie.

We’ll close for now with a COVID-19 Haiku from a member of the staff here at APD, Liz Swanton:

Are you smiling?

It’s hard to tell with the mask,

But the eyes show it.