RN Education Loan Repayment Program

About the Program

Alice Peck Day Memorial Hospital and Lifecare are pleased to offer a RN Education Loan Repayment Program. 

This program provides eligible APD registered nurses maximum total payments of $20,000 over the course of four years to a loan agency for outstanding student loan balance(s).

The program is available to current and newly hired full-time or half-time benefits-eligible RNs with outstanding qualifying student loan(s).


Eligible Staff

  • Newly registered nurses beginning employment at APD.

  • Current APD nurses who have outstanding student loans from their entry-level nursing program.

  • Current APD nurses who are pursuing their BSN.

  • Current APD nurses who are pursuing an advanced degree that will qualify them for an advanced role in nursing (clinical, educational, administrative/leadership or advanced practice nursing).   

Through this program, APD makes payments directly to loan agencies on behalf of our employees.  

Please reach out to Human Resources with any questions at (603) 448-7484.