FitScripts Program

Looking to get active? Interested in a free membership? Speak with your APD primary care providers about FitScripts!  

The APD FitScripts program aims to get patients exercising more and leading healthier lifestyles.

Our patients have a wide range of abilities and experiences with exercise, diet, and healthy habits. Some are looking for a way to get moving, while others are managing specific illnesses or injuries.

photo of the Upper Valley Aquatics Center

APD has partnered with the Carter Community Building Association (CCBA) in Lebanon, New Hampshire, and the Upper Valley Aquatic Center (UVAC) in White River Junction, Vermont, to offer this program.

FitScript recipients please note: a trainer will contact you within two weeks of receiving a FitScript to schedule a facility visit and start your free trial membership. Please review the new COVID-19 policies and procedures at CCBA and UVAC prior to your first visit.

Who is eligible 

Primary care providers at APD screen their patients for a variety of health concerns. Patients who would benefit from regular physical activity are offered a FitScript, which provides the patient with a trial membership at the fitness facility. FitScripts qualifications include:

  • APD Primary Care or Pediatric patients
  • Age 14 and up
  • Living with one or more chronic conditions
  • The cost of a gym membership is a barrier

How it works 

The initial 30-day membership at UVAC and CCBA is free and paid by APD FitScripts. A trainer will contact you within two weeks of receiving a FitScript to schedule a facility visit and start your free trial membership. Patients must attend six times within that month to renew.

Exceptions are provided for patients who cannot meet the required participation requirement due to illness or injury.

What happens next

If the patient completes a trial membership successfully — meeting the participation goal set by the fitness facility — the patient can receive a full month membership. APD FitScripts will renew and fund the membership on a month-to-month basis.

What people say

“I feel I’m back in the grove that I had fallen out of. I’m feeling stronger and more confident. Because someone is encouraging me to stay fit — someone beyond myself — that makes all the difference for me. This was the nudge I needed.”

“FitScripts is a really a special program. There’s no judgement. All ages and abilities can feel safe starting where they are.”


Please speak with your APD primary care provider.


CCBA and APD: A Healthy History of Collaboration

The Carter Community Building Association (CCBA), and APD are working together to promote the health and well-being of local residents.

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Community support

We would like to thank these organizations for their support of FitScripts:







Oleonda Jameson Trust