Patient Portal

APD has launched a patient portal for some patients of our outpatient clinics. This online service allows selected patients to access clinical summaries, test results, appointment information and more. Currently, APD is inviting patients to use the APD Patient Portal who have been seen at one of the outpatient clinics at APD and for whom we have a working email address.

Invited patients, please access portal here.

Patients are not required to use the portal, and we recommend that patients continue to call their outpatient clinic to schedule appointments, receive test results, and activity related to your care.

Please also be aware of the following:
  All patients 12 – 17-years old have been excluded from the patient portal.
  We have not yet activated the Co-Payment and Prescription Refill features on the portal.

Over the coming months, we will be working to improve the features and performance of this portal. Your patience is appreciated as we work to prepare the service for use by the entire APD outpatient population.

Please direct any questions or concerns about the APD Patient Portal to

Frequently Asked Questions

Is my information private?
​Yes. All of this information on the patient portal conforms with APD’s Privacy Policy.

I don’t know my username and password?
Patients who have been selected to use the portal will receive an email with your username and password. If you have not received an email invitation, it means you are currently not among the initial group of patients to be invited to use this service (please also check your email’s spam folder, too). We will begin to invite more patients to use the portal over the coming year.

Do I have to use the portal?
No. Use of the portal is entirely voluntary. In fact, we encourage patients to continue to call their outpatient clinic directly for all of their health care needs.

I’m seeing an error in my health information on the portal. What should I do?
Please direct any questions or concerns about the APD Patient Portal to

I am having some technical issues using the portal. Can I call someone to get help.
The best way for us to manage technical issues is via email. Please direct any questions or concerns about the APD Patient Portal to

Why are patients aged 12-17 years old not able to gain access to the portal?
New Hampshire privacy laws require us to ensure the privacy of all patients regarding their health care, including patients aged 12-17 years old. Please direct any questions about this to

Will APD automatically discontinue access to the portal for patients who turn 12 years old, and enable access for patients who turn 18 years old?
Yes, we have a process for enabling patients to gain access or be denied access to the patient portal according to their age.