Patient Stories

Hear how the expertise and personal touch from the APD orthopaedic team made a difference in the lives of these patients. 

Time for Patients
Richard's Hip Replacement with Dr. Ivan Tomek 

Getting You Back in the Boat
Carin's Hip Replacement with Dr. John Houde 

Getting Back to Cartwheels
Dr. Diane Riley and Shaylee's two broken wrists

Return to What You Love
Bob's Hip Replacement with Dr. Ivan Tomek and Sarah Liegl, PA-C

Getting Through this Together
Steve's Knee Replacement with Dr. John Houde and Rebecca Van Dolah, PA-C

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Getting Answers
Kate's Rheumatoid Arthritis and Dr. Diane Riley

Realizing Goals Together 
Bob's Multiple Hand Surgeries with Dr. Diane Riley