Our Story

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Long-term relationships define a community. When it comes to providing healthcare, we believe it means taking the time to fully understand the factors that impact your life. With that knowledge, we are able to build a relationship with you that will last for decades.

APD’s origin as a cottage hospital in 1932 underscores this commitment. At the time of our founding, if you had to travel to the city for care, hardly anyone knew you or your family health history, let alone understood the person behind the illness. But we know patients generally do better when their care occurs close to home, especially in rural areas. Nearly 100 years later, those same values inspire the care we provide today.

Your health is personal and enduring with us.

We believe in being a community hospital. For APD, it means being accessible to the public, providing excellent medical care in a cost-effective setting, and helping to prevent illnesses and injury.

Your health is at the heart of our mission. It influences our management decisions, relationships, and vision for the future.

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