Patient Relations

At Alice Peck Day Memorial Hospital, we believe patients and families deserve the highest quality of coordinated care delivered by a compassionate and caring team. 


APD’s Care Experience team, formerly known as the Patient Relations team, is interested in compliments or complaints about the quality of care and services you receive at APD. Your feedback is extremely important to us and we want to hear from you.

We are committed to:

  • Providing a confidential place where patient and families can discuss their experience.
  • Listening to your comments and feedback in a supportive and respectful way.
  • Answering questions about the way we provide care.
  • Collaborating with our staff to assist you in resolving any dissatisfaction by forwarding concerns to appropriate staff and working with the unit or department managers to resolve your concerns in a timely way.
  • Participating in a variety of activities designed to measure customer satisfaction.
  • Helping to improve communication among staff, patients, and families.
  • Responding in a clear and helpful way.
Med Surg Patient Experience

Improving the Patient Experience

Questions or concerns about the quality of your healthcare services? The Care Experience team at APD is here to help.

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How should I share my feedback?

If you have questions or concerns about the care you are receiving or if you have a concern about your safety, we want to know. When possible, we encourage you to speak directly with your care team, your primary nurse, or the department manager. They know you best and may be able to resolve any issues right away.

If you feel your questions or concerns require further attention, we encourage you to contact the Care Experience team. We are accessible by telephone, email, or letter to discuss your experience:

MAIL:    Care Experience

              Alice Peck Day Memorial Hospital

              10 Alice Peck Day Drive

               Lebanon, NH 03766

PHONE: (603) 308-0536



How long will it take to hear from the Care Experience team?

We strive to respond to complaints immediately. In the rare instances when we can’t respond right away, we will share our plan to investigate your concerns. It is our intention to resolve your concern to the best of our ability.

Is there a time limit for sharing feedback?

There is no time limit for sharing feedback.

Can I share about a positive experience?

Yes! Compliments are an opportunity to let our staff know what they are doing well. Please let us know how any member of our team impacted your encounter with us.

What if the Care Experience team is unable to resolve my concerns?

If you’ve given our team time to look into your concern and there is still an unresolved issue, you can contact the NH Department of Health and Human Services, Health Facilities Unit, at (603) 271-9039.