Tell Us Your APD Story

If you’re from the Upper Valley, you most likely have an APD story. Like Rose Parker Truelove, who was born in The Homestead Building in 1953, had her tonsils out there in 1963, and later worked as a CNA in extended care.

Or Diane Strickland, who, after a visit to APD’s Emergency Department for the first time, found a primary care provider at Alice Peck Day — and, after moving out of the area, travels an hour each way to see her doctor.

Or Laura Jean Whitcomb, who delivered two children in the Birthing Center, and 20 years later, found her dream job in the marketing department at APD.

What’s your APD story? Tell us by submitting the form below. What you could share:

  • A recent experience you had at APD
  • A care provider you would recommend
  • What you like about Alice Peck Day

How it works

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Whether you are a current or former patient, family member, volunteer, staff member, or hospital supporter, your story is an inspiration to others.

By submitting your healthcare story, you authorize Alice Peck Day Memorial Hospital to use your story in digital and print formats. Once you submit your story, marketing will contact you for more information and to say thank you.

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