APD Tech Wins Pharmacy Technician of the Year

Candace Allen

Candace Allen, Pharmacy Technician at Alice Peck Day Memorial Hospital (APD), won Pharmacy Technician of the Year for the Dartmouth Health system in October. APD is one of eight Dartmouth Health system members.

The award is given to the pharmacy technician who demonstrates the highest professional standards of patient care and performs consistently and reliably as a valued member of the pharmacy team.

“Candace was the only pharmacy tech at APD for some time until recently. She is always going above and beyond to make sure inventory is accurate and optimally managed,” said Reid Sinclair, APD’s Pharmacy Manager. “Candace is very knowledgeable, but if she doesn’t know or understand something, she takes it upon herself to learn. Candace is a true asset to Alice Peck Day pharmacy team and the whole Dartmouth Health pharmacy team.”