Healthy Recipes

Loaded baked potato

Nutrition at APD: Loaded Baked Potato

Check out this healthy loaded baked potato recipe.

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Breakfast cookie

Nutrition at APD: Breakfast Cookie

Looking for a delicious and nutritious breakfast idea? Try this healthy breakfast cookie recipe.

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Nutrition at APD: Flavored Popcorn

Are you trying to incorporate more whole grains in your snack? Check out these flavored popcorn recipes. 

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Winter Nutrition

As the temperature drops and the days get shorter, our nutritional needs change slightly. An APD registered dietician offers some ideas to keep you healthy all winter long.

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Oven roasted vegetables

Recipe of the Month - October

Looking for a new recipe? Check out this oven roasted vegetable recipe. Learn more.

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Low carb chicken finger

Recipe of the Month - September

Looking for a new recipe? Rice Haunstrup, clinical nurse in Occupational Medicine at APD, provides a low carb chicken recipe. Learn more.

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Grilled vegetable couscous

Recipe of the Month - August

This grilled vegetable couscous salad is a recipe from Alice’s Café at APD.

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Infused water

Recipe of the Month - July

Staying hydrated has never been more fun (and flavorful) than with infused water.

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Employees planting the garden

APD’s Growing Season

Nutrition Services grows vegetables and herbs in garden towers — and later turns them into delicious meals.

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Three bean salad

Recipe of the Month - June

Looking for a new summer picnic recipe? Try this three-bean salad.

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