Charlie Wheelan and therapy dog

Meet a Board Member

Charlie Wheelan is the Vice Chair of the Board of Trustees at Alice Peck Day Memorial Hospital and he volunteers at Dartmouth Health and APD with his therapy dog, Caicos.

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Bun at ED

Bun and the Big Ouch

Bun and family live in the Upper Valley and are patients at Alice Peck Day Memorial Hospital.

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Meet a Volunteer

Who’s holding the leash of Sholy, one of APD’s therapy dogs? Meet Cadence “Sugar” Genereaux.

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Dr. Malcolm

Creating an Inclusive Workplace

APD’s Senior Leadership was the first group to receive DEIB training in 2022. Ten successful workshops later, it returns to educate managers.

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Karry Smardon, APD recovery coach and social worker, and patient Dawn Khan

Patient Story: Treating Substance Use Disorder in Primary Care

APD’s Multi-Specialty Clinic offers imbedded medication-assisted treatment (MAT) within primary care. A patient shares her story.

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Trigger finger

Patient Story: Saying Goodbye to Trigger Finger

When her fingers became tender and painful, Patricia Plourde turned to APD Orthopaedics.

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Bonnie Swift, APD patient

Patient Story: When a Tick Bites

When Bonnie Swift discovered a tick embedded and inflamed in her side, she called Alice Peck Day’s Emergency Department to see if she could be seen.

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Flowers given to Tabitha Ferranti, RN, from patient Tony White.

Patient Story: Extraordinary Nursing Care at APD

Tabitha Ferranti, RN, made sure a patient in the pain clinic received the care he needed.

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Oriana McNally

Patient Story: Swing Bed Care for a Traumatic Injury

Oriana McNally suffered a traumatic injury but found healing at APD.

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Sean Beinhaur, RN (far left) was one of MacKenzie's nurses in the ED,

Patient Story: Finding an Answer at APD’s Emergency Department

Annie MacKenzie was very sick for three weeks. Until she went to Alice Peck Day Memorial Hospital’s Emergency Department.

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