Financial Services

Our Patient Access and Patient Accounts Departments are available to help patients with financial aid, insurance queries, and with questions regarding your bill. We are aware that information regarding hospital charges and insurance can be complicated and we encourage you to contact us with questions or concerns.


8:00 am to 4:30 pm
Monday through Friday

For financial assistance and questions on your bill, please call (844) 808-0730

Financial Assistance policy and information

The Financial Assistance policy and information is available on the Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center and Clinics website in several languages. This information applies to Alice Peck Day Memorial Hospital, Dartmouth Hitchcock Clinics, Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center, Mary Hitchcock Memorial Hospital, New London Hospital, and Cheshire Medical Center.

Pay your bill online

Patients may pay current bills online through myDH.

Please call (603) 443-9540 with questions about online payments.

Price transparency list of charges

The information provided here is a comprehensive list of charges (CSV) for each inpatient and outpatient service or item provided by a hospital, also known as a chargemaster, which Alice Peck Day Memorial Hospital posts on an annual basis. Standard charges shown do not necessarily reflect what a patient ultimately pays for services and therefore may not be a meaningful tool to estimate a patient’s out of pocket responsibility or to compare hospital costs. Actual charges may differ for a variety of reasons and Alice Peck Day Memorial Hospital does not hereby offer, promise, contract, guarantee or assume any legally binding obligation to provide a selected service(s) or item(s) for the listed charge(s).

Because the chargemaster rates are updated periodically, patients should contact our patient financial services staff at (603) 443-9579 for information about the cost of care. Please view these FAQs about price transparency (PDF).

myDH estimates and guest estimates

Our myDH patient portal provides estimates for services provided at Dartmouth Health locations, including APD. Estimates can be requested for individual procedures and may factor in your specific insurance to estimate out-of-pocket expenses.

Please note that there are many factors we are unable to predict that may influence the actual charges, such as:

  • Length of time spent in the hospital
  • Additional tests or procedures ordered by your provider
  • Other unforeseen conditions that may impact your care or recovery

Total charges are reflected on a final billing statement, which may be more or less than the estimated amount.

Accessing myDH estimates

Please also refer to the New Hampshire Hospital Association: A Commitment to Price Transparency FAQ (PDF).

No Surprises Act

When you get emergency care or get treated by an out-of-network provider at an in-network hospital or ambulatory surgical center, you are protected from surprise billing or balance billing. Learn more.

COVID-19 testing, vaccine and administration, and telemedicine services

Average charges are estimates; your out-of-pocket expense will depend on your individual insurance coverage (such as co-insurance or deductibles). If you have questions, please contact Patient Accounts Customer Service at (844) 808-0730.

Type of visit Facility charge Professional charge Total charge
COVID-19 testing
Sars-Cov-2 (COVID-19) Test $150 N/A $150
Rapid Sars-Cov-2 (COVID-19) PCR Test $190 N/A $190
Influenza A/B and COVID-19 PCR $208 N/A $208
COVID-19 IGG antibody test $54 N/A $54
Monoclonal antibody therapy
Monoclonal antibody (no charge) $0 N/A $0
Administration of monoclonal antibody (infusion)  N/A $625 $625
COVID-19 vaccine and administration
Vaccine (no charge) $0 N/A $0
Administration of dose one N/A $64 $64
Administration of dose two N/A $64 $64
Administration of dose three/booster N/A $64 $64
New patient visit (tele)
Low-to-moderate-level visit (15 to 29 min) $82 $123 $205
Moderate-level visit (30 to 44 min) $105 $158 $263
Moderate-to-high-level visit (45 to 59 min) $159 $238 $397
High-level visit (60 to 74 min) $200 $299 $499
Established patient visit (tele)
Low-to-moderate-level visit (10 to 19 min) $50 $76 $126
Moderate-level visit (20 to 29 min) $72 $108 $180
Moderate-to-high-level visit (30 to 39 min) $106 $159 $265
High-level visit (40 to 59 min) $142 $213 $355
Consultation (tele)
Low-level visit (15 min) $61 $91 $152
Low-to-moderate-level visit (30 min) $111 $167 $278
Moderate-level visit (40 min) $153 $228 $381
Moderate-to-high-level visit (60 min) $227 $341 $568
High-level visit (80 min) $277 $415 $692