Med Tech Conference

APD and the MedTech Collaborative

The annual conference promotes and supports medical technology economic development in the region.

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Chris Hicks

Alice’s Café Shares Nutritious Food with Local Non-Profits

By making community connections, APD is able to share nutritious food and minimize waste.

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Northern Stage

The Health Benefits of the Arts

Alice Peck Day Memorial Hospital supports Northern Stage to ensure the community connects with others through theater and the performing arts.

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Preparedness day

Are You Ready for an Emergency?

An APD safety expert suggests 10 ways to make sure you and your family are prepared for any situation.

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Elder Forum

What’s New in Elder Care?

A monthly Elder Forum provides a networking and educational opportunity for people working with older adults.

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Margot Stephens and patient

Using myDH To Send Messages to APD Primary Care

“I’m not feeling well. Should I use myDH to contact Primary Care?”

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Dr. Malcolm

Creating an Inclusive Workplace

APD’s Senior Leadership was the first group to receive DEIB training in 2022. Ten successful workshops later, it returns to educate managers.

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Preceptor class

APD Preceptor Program: Teaching Teachers to Welcome and Train New Hires

By bringing a spirit of open-mindedness, employees onboarding others can have an outsized impact on APD.

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Employees planting the garden

APD’s Growing Season

Nutrition Services grows vegetables and herbs in garden towers — and later turns them into delicious meals.

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New App Helps Cleaning Team Prepare Patient Rooms Quickly and Efficiently

“Rover” plugs into existing Dartmouth Health systems to streamline processes.

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