Patient Story: Continuity of Care at APD’s Infusion Clinic


“APD is my second home,” said Lois Natoli.

It’s not because she lives in Lebanon and APD is convenient, although that helps. It’s because the healthcare she receives is delivered with kindness and consistency.

Lois has been receiving her healthcare at APD for 48 years. “I saw Debbie (Deborah Glazer, MD) in the Homestead building,” she said. “She is also my neighbor.”

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When it was time to start infusions every four weeks, Dr. Glazer recommended APD.

“I was happy when Debbie told me they were going to start an Infusion Clinic at APD. “Oh, that’s wonderful,” I said,” Lois recalls. “If I get a doctor at APD, I’m coming to APD.”

It’s not that she hasn’t had good experiences with other providers, but continuity of care is important to her. “I had a different nurse every time,” Lois said. “Some could not get the IV in.”

She also appreciates the easier parking at APD and the shorter hallways. “I have trouble walking long distances, and sometimes need an ambulance service or a volunteer with a wheelchair,” she said. “Some places are just so busy that no one is available.”

Lois has been visiting the Infusion Clinic at APD for four months. She knows the staff — “Ellen does my infusions. She is very good. Have you met the new nurse? She is lovely.” — and they know her.

“I would definitely recommend the Infusion Clinic at APD. It’s something I have to do every four weeks and I would rather have it done with a happy feeling and all the good stuff. That’s what I get at APD,” Lois said.