Patient Story: Extraordinary Nursing Care at APD

Flowers given to Tabitha Ferranti, RN, from patient Tony White.

Tony White was well aware of the symptoms of neuropathy, damage to the peripheral nerves.

“It was hereditary from my mother’s side of the family,” the Lebanon, New Hampshire resident said. “It started in my feet and now it’s in my back, and it’s getting to the point my pain level at times are a 9.”

Treatment for neuropathy may include diet, nerve stimulation, alternative therapies, and medication. But White’s prescription was repeatedly denied by the pharmacy until Tabitha Ferranti, RN, stepped in.

“Somehow Tabby became involved and said she would take care of it. As you know, problems like this are not always a priority, but Tabby told me if this was to happen again to call and ask for her,” White said. “I could tell from her tone of voice she would take care me.”

Ferranti has continued to help White with any insurance or prescription issues.

“Prior to meeting me, Tony might go days without his medication due to insurance requiring a prior authorization. I felt that was unacceptable so I spoke with his insurance and had them do the prior authorization over the phone with me in that moment,” Ferranti said. “Then I called his pharmacy, verified his medication was approved, and asked it be filled for him. His insurance requires this every six months so I repeat this process every six months. The moment Tony sends in a myDH message or I receive a phone call from him I start the process to make sure he will have his medication the same day.”

“Tabby has shown me that she is there for me. I don’t think her own father would get any better care than I receive,” White said. “She is the most caring person, compassionate, professional, and dedicated person.”

White brought her two yellow roses as a thank you. “It was good timing because she was having a bad day,” he said.

“I had to put my 17-year Bengal cat Mogul down earlier that week due to cancer. The last thing I wanted to do was come to work and put on a smile, but I knew there were people who needed my help,” Ferranti said. “The day I received the flowers from Tony it made me feel like it was all worth it and there was a reason I needed to be at work.”

Would White recommend APD? “I was born at APD 70 years ago, and have been there in that 70 years for different issues,” White said. “I would recommend APD — and if Tabby is involved you’re darn toot’n for sure. It’s nice to have a nurse that’s just not there for a paycheck; she is there for us patients.”