Harvest Hill and Woodlands Visitor Restrictions

  • Harvest Hill and The Woodlands are now allowing family members to visit, as long as the meeting takes place outside and participants stay six feet apart.
    • At Harvest Hill, family may visit for up to 30 minutes. Visits must be scheduled and are monitored by staff.
    • The Woodlands is allowing family, friends and vendors to visit, as long as the visit is outside. There are no restrictions on the number of people who conduct an outside visit. No screening is necessary, and visitors may stay for as long as they would like.
  • Both communities are also launching a Designated Visitor program for indoor visits.
    • At both The Woodlands and Harvest Hill, each individual resident or resident couple may name one, single person as their Designated Visitor.
    • The Designated Visitor may visit anytime, going directly to the resident’s apartment and staying for as long as they want.
    • Designated Visitors must first sign an agreement that they will avoid risky behavior that could expose them to the virus, only visit if feeling well, and stay masked and practice social distancing while visiting.
    • Residents may change their Designated Visitor as often as every three weeks.
  • Our dining rooms have now reopened with limited seating to encourage social distancing.
    • At Harvest Hill, we have opened the dining room up for lunch and dinner for a limited number of residents, but we are also still delivering meals to residents.
    • All Woodlands residents are welcome to eat in the dining room or come pick up take-out to eat at home. The Woodlands is only delivering meals to residents who are ill.

Please see Lifecare's March 21 COVID-19 update for additional precautions that are still in place.
And again, we thank everyone for your support in keeping our communities safe and healthy.


The Trustees of the Alice Peck Day Memorial Hospital, working with former President Robert A. Mesropian, conceived and built Harvest Hill in 1996. Seen as an independent and assisted living facility, this 77-unit facility reached 100% enrollment very quickly. In 2010, the Trustees opened The Woodlands, an independent-living facility with 63 units. Together, these facilities are part of APD Lifecare and are located on the campus of Alice Peck Day Memorial Hospital.

Mission and Vision

Lifecare's mission is to provide an environment that fosters a “unique” superior experience for various levels of support for senior living. The vision is a community of aging individuals living together in safety, comfort, security and fulfillment regardless of their physical and mental strengths or limitations. The future of APD Lifecare is evolving and changes with market demand and a belief by the administration that they need to listen and learn from the residents.  

Harvest Hill

70 units of independent and assisted living as well as a 7-unit memory care unit (the Elizabeth Hughes Care Unit). Services include 3 meals per day, 24-hour staff, and an array of activities supported by staff committed to a resident-centered philosophy. It is a unique place where those 62 years and older enjoy a thriving environment in peaceful surroundings; where there are nearly endless opportunities to socialize, yet privacy is valued; where independence is encouraged, yet assistance is always available.

Harvest Hill offers “independent living without an entrance fee.”

Please contact Peggy Cooper at (603) 443-9575 for more information.

The Woodlands

Our state-of-the-art residences are attractive and comfortable, ranging in size from 800 sq. ft. to 2,200 sq. ft. with the finest of amenities including a Concierge desk, an indoor swimming pool and spa, underground parking, fine dining, a fitness center, art and theatre rooms, walking and hiking trails and much more! Many Woodlands residents are still very active gardeners.  The flowers, raised bed gardens and many of the plantings around the building are maintained by the residents.

Our apartments are available with a 75% refundable entrance fee.  Come see what beautiful apartment might be available for you! Call the Woodlands (603) 442-5970 or contact Peggy Cooper at (603) 443-9575 for more information.