In a short five years, the locally funded cottage hospital has grown to 16 beds and an X-ray machine room. By the 1950s, the Homestead Building is bursting at the seams: there are 11 members on the medical staff and a new operating room on the third floor.

It was time for a new building.

Fundraising began in 1961. APD transitioned from a cottage hospital to a modern hospital in 1964. The new brick building is located behind the Homestead Building (later converted into office space) and sits in the center of campus.

The brick building is still the home of Alice Peck Day Memorial Hospital today. It has gone through some changes, such as a renovation to add a medical-surgical inpatient wing in 2012 and the addition of a 10-bed short stay surgical unit in 2021. It currently houses admissions, administrative offices, Alice’s Café, a busy Emergency Services department, Materials Management, MRI/CT/EKG, and Same Day Surgery and Recovery (PACU). It’s a hub of healthcare activity, where patients and visitors will always find an example of the caring and kindness APD is known for.