Homestead Building

A picture of Mrs. Alice Peck Day
The Homestead Building is where Alice Peck Day Memorial Hospital started in 1932.

The Homestead was built ca. 1780 by Simeon Peck (1731-1814), an early resident of Lebanon who arrived in 1774 from Norwich, Connecticut. For five generations the house was the family home of Peck’s descendants.

With no immediate heirs, Mrs. Alice Peck Day (1860-1927) challenged the town to raise enough funds to turn her family home into a cottage hospital. If her neighbors could band together to make that happen, her homestead would become the property of the town.

Despite the economic challenges presented by the Great Depression, residents of the Upper Valley rallied to raise the needed funding and Alice Peck Day Memorial Hospital opened its doors on February 1, 1932.

The Homestead Building was renovated in 1937, then repurposed to medical offices in 1964 when the new APD hospital was built.

In 2019, the building was designated a Historical Landmark by the Lebanon Heritage Commission.