Meet our donors

Alice Peck Day relies on the unwavering dedication and generosity of our donors. We’d like to take this opportunity to shine a spotlight on some of the individuals, couples and families who have helped APD stay strong.

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The Rutter Family

Sally and Jerry Rutter
Alice Peck Day donors Sally and Jerry Rutter

Sally and Jeremy (Jerry) Rutter moved to Lebanon in 1976 with a one-year-old child and started getting their care at the Family Health Center, which later became part of APD. Their second child was born at APD in 1979. Jerry is an emeritus professor of classical studies at Dartmouth and Sally retired after a successful career as a realtor. Supporting APD has been a priority because it’s important to them that APD continue to serve the community as a thriving independent hospital.

Why give to APD: “We always think of APD as our hometown hospital, but really it’s the community hospital for so much of the Upper Valley. There are certainly reasons why someone might go to Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center for a special case, but for most of our health needs, we’d rather go to APD as there is no sacrifice in terms of quality of care. And if you need surgery, it’s incredibly reassuring to have that surgery performed by people you know and who know you.”

The Maffei-Arnold Family

Meffei-Arnold Family
Alice Peck Day donors the Meffei-Arnold family

Kristin Maffei and her husband, Roger Arnold, moved to the Upper Valley from New York City in 2016. In addition to their jobs at Dartmouth, she’s a poet and Roger is chair of the Norwich Selectboard. Now they have a young son, Booker, and for this family, who considers community to be extremely important, that is how APD became part of their lives.

Why give to APD: “I chose to give to APD because I don’t take quality care for granted, especially in a rural place. Finding quality people is more difficult than ever; it requires real resources, and I wanted to contribute, in some small way, to making sure that APD can continue to attract the best. We’ve been treated so well, and I wanted to pay that forward, to ensure that the same quality care we receive is accessible to everyone in our community.”

Steve Christy

Steve Christy
Alice Peck Day donor Steve Christy

Steve Christy joined Mascoma Bank in 1973 as a teller. He grew along with the bank, becoming president in 1990 and serving in that capacity for 27 years. He brought the bank through a period of unprecedented growth and helped create a model in which a mutually owned bank chartered to serve the community could thrive.

Why give to APD: “APD is one of our community’s most valuable assets. That’s one of the reasons why so many community leaders also give their time and wisdom to APD. The hospital has been an essential partner in our community, known for its great physicians and accessible, friendly patient care. I want to make sure it can continue to serve future generations as well or better.”