Meet a Donor: Susan Oldfield

Susan Oldfield

Have you ever met someone and started talking like old friends right away? That’s what happens when you sit down with Susan Oldfield. Her warm, happy personality invites conversation — and perfectly explains how she found out about Alice Peck Day Memorial Hospital: word of mouth.

Oldfield, who moved from Massachusetts to Vermont in 2014 to be closer to family, was looking for local healthcare. “I had a local dentist, but I didn’t want to travel to Boston to see my care provider,” she said. “I asked my vet at the time who should I see for a colonoscopy? He recommended Dr. Steven Benson at DHMC, who also provides services at APD.”

Later, Oldfield developed trigger finger, a condition where the tendon controlling the finger doesn’t glide smoothly. “I asked my neighbors and they had just had hand surgery with Dr. Diane Riley at APD,” Oldfield said.

Oldfield was so pleased with Dr. Riley and the care she received at APD she designated a gift in 2022 in honor of Dr. Riley. She continues to donate annually to the President’s Fund, which supports the areas of greatest need across the hospital campus and the Upper Valley community.

“I was fortunate to meet the CEO and I am impressed with APD’s vision,” Oldfield said. “I like the way the hospital is run. But, more than that, I like the friendliness and the honesty of the people who work there. APD was highly recommended by everyone I spoke to.”