Exterior of Alice Peck Day

Calling for information about a patient

For questions about a patient's condition, you may call the hospital main number at (603) 448-3121. Callers may ask to be connected to the nurses' station or to the patient's room. Please be aware that some patients might ask that no information be released about their condition.

Facilities for visitors

To accommodate patients and families traveling to APD from far away or wishing to stay close to the hospital overnight, APD offers the Rest Easy Program. Learn more in this Rest Easy brochure (PDF).

Sending mail or email to patients

Currently, we are not able to offer an email service for friends and family to communicate with our inpatients.

To send cards or other mail to a patient at APD, please address your letters or packages as follows:

c/o Alice Peck Day Memorial Hospital
10 Alice Peck Day Drive
Lebanon, NH 03766