APD is a friendly, generous, and considerate organization. We treat people as individuals, each with their own unique story. Meet our patients, donors, volunteers, and friends.

Terry Grigsby

Patient Story: 15-Year History of Primary Care

At Alice Peck Day Primary Care, Terry Grigsby and Dr. Margot Stephens have an enviable doctor/patient relationship. It is based on 15-year history of patient care, open communication, and a good sense of humor.

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Diane Strickland

Patient Story: Care When You Need It Most

Diane Strickland tells her story of a trip and fall with humor, but her visit to Alice Peck Day’s Emergency Department could have, in fact, been much more serious.

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Bun at APD

Bun and family live in the Upper Valley and are patients at Alice Peck Day Memorial Hospital. But Bun’s just a young rabbit who isn’t quite sure what healthcare is all about.

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