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olive tapenade

Recipe of the Month - March

March’s Recipe is an olive tapenade, which can be used as an appetizer, sandwich spread, or spruce up leftovers.

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Maintaining Mindfulness

Cindy Reuter ND, MSOM, LAc, MPH, medical director of Integrative Medicine at Alice Peck Day discusses the importance of mindfulness.

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breakfast thing

Recipe of the Month - January

January’s Recipe is Breakfast Thing, a morning favorite from Cindy Reuter, director of Integrative Medicine.

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slips, trips, and falls

How to Avoid Slips, Trips, and Falls

Falls don’t always cause injuries, but it’s always better to be safe than sorry. Kirsten Eastman, manager of Rehab and Occupational Health Services at Alice Peck Day Memorial Hospital, provides some fall prevention tips.

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holiday health tips

Five Tips for Holiday Health

Worried about the holidays hijacking your health? Karry Smardon, social worker and recovery coach at Alice Peck Day, offers five tips for maintaining your health during the holidays.

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Green hummus

Recipe of the Month - February

February’s Recipe is green hummus made by APD’s Nutrition Services and a favorite of our patients and staff.

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Dental Hygienist

10 Ways to Keep Your Teeth Healthy

Asha Clark, dental hygienist with Alice Peck Day’s Upper Valley Smiles program, shares 10 ideas to keep teeth healthy.

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