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Lisa Furmanski

Working with Solo Seniors

A vulnerable elder, also known as a solo senior, may not have family or community support. Here are a few things to keep in mind when caring for older adults.

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Infusion Clinic

Infusion Therapies Available at APD

Do you receive medication therapies or injections on a regular basis? APD’s Infusion Clinic provides convenient and compassionate care.

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Questions about COVID

Here’s what you need to know this fall.

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Low carb chicken finger

Recipe of the Month - September

Looking for a new recipe? Rice Haunstrup, clinical nurse in Occupational Medicine at APD, provides a low carb chicken recipe. Learn more.

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Top 10 Benefits of Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is beneficial across the healthcare spectrum from mental health to athletic performance to healing after an injury or surgery. Here are 10 reasons you should consider adding massage to your care journey.

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Erika Argersinger

Why (and When) You Should See Your Gynecologist

A gynecologist, a provider who specializes in women’s sexual and reproductive health, offers routine preventative care and specialist expertise.

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Patient with CGM

Addressing the Complexities of Diabetes

Thanks to a 2022 grant, a diabetes clinic in Primary Care has provided chronic disease management and education for hundreds of patients.

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Prenatal massage

What is a prenatal massage?

A prenatal massage can provide expecting and new mothers with a little less worry and a little more sleep at night.

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Four Steps to Brain Health

Want to keep your brain healthy as you age? Limit processed foods, switch to olive oil, and add a few key foods to your diet.

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Grilled vegetable couscous

Recipe of the Month - August

This grilled vegetable couscous salad is a recipe from Alice’s Café at APD.

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