Primary Care


The Impact of Diabetes

Diabetes Awareness Month is a great time to educate everyone on the impact of diabetes.

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Lisa Furmanski

Working with Solo Seniors

A vulnerable elder, also known as a solo senior, may not have family or community support. Here are a few things to keep in mind when caring for older adults.

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Patient with CGM

Addressing the Complexities of Diabetes

Thanks to a 2022 grant, a diabetes clinic in Primary Care has provided chronic disease management and education for hundreds of patients.

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Margot Stephens and patient

Using myDH To Send Messages to APD Primary Care

“I’m not feeling well. Should I use myDH to contact Primary Care?”

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Karry Smardon, APD recovery coach and social worker, and patient Dawn Khan

Patient Story: Treating Substance Use Disorder in Primary Care

APD’s Multi-Specialty Clinic offers imbedded medication-assisted treatment (MAT) within primary care. A patient shares her story.

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Upper Valley Music School

Make Music with the Upper Valley Music Center

Music benefits our health, which is why APD proudly supports the Upper Valley’s only community music school.

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Know what ticks look like and what diseases they might spread.

Tick Talk

APD shares the best ways to protect yourself and those you care about from ticks.

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APD food bags

Meeting Patient Needs outside the Doctor’s Office

APD patients with food insecurity are offered food bags, a hot meal at Alice’s Café, Listen vouchers for clothing, and more.

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Oriana McNally

Patient Story: Swing Bed Care for a Traumatic Injury

Oriana McNally suffered a traumatic injury but found healing at APD.

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Sam Ogden, MD

The Befriending Benefit

Connectedness (the awareness that people care about them, their well-being, and success) has long-lasting benefits for kids of all ages.

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