Five Massage Myths

Learn more about five massage myths.

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Winning baked beans

Recipe of the Month - May

Looking for a new recipe? Try this baked bean dish.

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Sam Ogden, MD

The Befriending Benefit

Connectedness (the awareness that people care about them, their well-being, and success) has long-lasting benefits for kids of all ages.

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What Is Craniosacral Massage Therapy?

Craniosacral massage therapy is typically hands-on bodywork on the skull, but Integrative Medicine at APD expands the technique to bring deep listening and gentle unwinding to a client’s entire body.

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carpal tunnel

Signs of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Learn more about the signs of carpal tunnel syndrome.

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Recipe of the Month – April

Looking for a new dinner recipe? Shawn Richardson, director of Nutrition Services at APD, provides an international meal he’s served in Alice’s Café: sisig. Learn more.

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Matt massaging a client.

The Instant and Increasing Benefits of Massage

There are so many health benefits to massage: relieving stress, reducing post-operative pain, enhancing exercise performance, and decreasing arthritis or fibromyalgia pain, to name just a few.

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olive tapenade

Recipe of the Month - March

March’s Recipe is an olive tapenade, which can be used as an appetizer, sandwich spread, or spruce up leftovers.

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Maintaining Mindfulness

Cindy Reuter ND, MSOM, LAc, MPH, medical director of Integrative Medicine at Alice Peck Day discusses the importance of mindfulness.

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breakfast thing

Recipe of the Month - January

January’s Recipe is Breakfast Thing, a morning favorite from Cindy Reuter, director of Integrative Medicine.

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